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Monday, August 7, 2017

11cities to visit in egypt

When you visit Egypt you will see a great places ancient Egyptian civilization , old Egypt religious beliefs appears in many ways (pyramids , museum , mosques , churches …etc.)
There are many hotels & resorts deals which offer activities such as (snorkeling, jet-skiing and paddle boating, diving…etc.)
You can also enjoy a nice round on the golf courses, or a relaxing afternoon of spa, or enjoying Nile cruise by felucca.
Having a great time in the theme parks, fitness centers, shisha bars, restaurants served fuul and falafel, hot drinks and coffee.
The most places you have to visit , click the sites  below


Citadel & museums that remind us with old Cairo (Islamic  -  Coptic  -  gayer Anderson  -  Abdeen palace  -  monuments from ancient Egypt…etc.)
Religious beliefs considered to be an important for travelers , the most known ( mohamed ali mosque , el hussien mosque , saint saimon church…etc.)
Sightseeing as Nile cruise ,Cairo tower , al azhar park , khan el khalili, bab zuweila , abdeen palace , and other old souk ,shops , streets in which u will spend your vacation, shopping…etc.
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Ancient Egyptians civilization , pyramids & sphinx ,monuments , tombs,temples and art work all celebrate life and stand as reminders
Museums in Giza are more about Le creature  & art such as Mohamed Mahmoud museum & Taha Hussein museum , and other ancient museum as solar boat museum
Hotels near to pyramids & sphinx, museums ,you will find the deal that match your price , date , star rating , you will find many activities which you will enjoy after visiting Egypt monuments.
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beaches public areas and a very nice souk area , montazah gardens, walk on el corniche road and other great activities other sight seeing as ( qaitbay citadel,lighthouse,komedeka…etc.)
museums antiquities and statuary found during underwater exploration in the harbor are the two prime attractions, islamic period, roman period .
ports are located along the Mediterranean Coast in Alexandria and there is four  Dekhela Port west of the Western Port, the Eastern Port which is a yachting harbor & abu kir port .
religious buildings in Alexandria most build during the roman & Alexander the great empire,and during the islamic period & qaitbay empire .
hellenistic civilization were built during the roman empire , and Alexandria library was the repository of the most accurate copies in the world & till now .
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4-Sharm el sheikh

Holy sites for Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions traveler have to visit in sharm el sheikh  as Mount sinai,saint catherine ,el tor
Diving Sites where you will enjoy coral reefs  like ras mohamed , tiran & sanafer , nuweiba (bedouin camping),also diving centers in hotels in sharm el sheikh
Activities  you enjoy your vacation time ,desert activities as safari and camel ride also shops , restaurants cafes
Hotels & resorts have great deals for travelling in summer that will be along the beach in nabq area,naama bay , hadaba…etc.
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5- Hurghada

Diving sites differ from other diving sites in egypt as in hurghada the diving site is an island like giftun , magawish(dolphins)also visit shipwrecks such as El Mina , Rosalie Moller
Resorts near hurghada  popular for its coral reefs , clear water and sandy beaches.such as  el gouna ( el gouna museum) ,al mahmya ,sahl hashish …etc.
El mamsha (village road ) in which you will find only hotels & resorts along the road
Under water you can admire a variety of sharks, turtles, stingrays, and other residents of the Red Sea swimming in large marine tanks this will be in the aquarium museum
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Masbat,which includes the Bedouin village Asalah, is in the north.
Mashraba, which is more touristic and has considerably more hotels. South of Masbat
Medina which includes the Laguna area, famous for its excellent shallow-water windsurfing.
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7- Ein el sokhna

Entertainment  is the main guide for your choice in el soukhna whether you prefer adventurous type or relaxing type or amazing one ,u will having a big chance for Surfing,Sail boats and yacht trips,mountain climbing ,concert  & bands , spa
Location  of el sokhna makes it easy for visitors to move easily as it is near by cairo and most famous monasteries of Saint Paul & Saint Antony
Porto sokhna & other resorts where you'll find a big chance for investment s ,stylish guest rooms and  serviced apartments & villas
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East Temples & museums of Luxor, on the Nile eastern karnak temple luxor temple and other monuments stand there as the great capital of (Upper) Egypt during the New Kingdom , the largest religious buildings ever built , also luxor museum & mummification museum located there
West Temples & valleys of Luxor, where pharaoh build tombs among  the surrounding hills, more than 60 royal tombs known as valley o f the kings , there is also valley of the queens ,,Hatshepsut temple and ramesseum
Nearby  Luxor there is a day trip temples to visit outside luxor , as Temples of Abydos ,  Temple of Hathor at Dendera (qena) Kom Ombo Temple , Temple of Horus at Edfu(horus) , Temple of Khnum, Esna
Historical attractions which you can watch during a sail boat (felucca) trip , Hot air balloon trip from Luxor , Nile cruise from luxor to Aswan , to Cairo  ,edfu…etc.
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Nubian past ,The Nubian museum offers more than 3,000 antiquities to see, representing eras including the Geological, Pharaonic, Roman, Islamic, and Coptic ,& till now travelers find  Nubian villages everywhere in Aswan.
Islands , High dam and lake Nasser are from the main importance to watch  when you enjoy your nile cruise , felucca , the largest island in the country is elephantine island
Qubbet el-Hawwa where tombs of the local (pharaonic) nobles and dignitaries is located .St Simeon Monastery , mausoleum of agha khan , tomb of markhuf ,other belong to sabni ,heqaib.
Temples the God Khnum was the major God of the city, but in later periods the Goddess Isis, Goddess of magic and maternity, became the main patron God, with a temple being built for her at Philae.& Abu simbel
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Wadi rayan considered to be the largest waterfall in Egypt , between the upper lake and the lower lake of qaroon lake  wadi el rayan
Pyramid of senusert II at el lahun The pyramid has been severely damaged over time, and little of its limestone cladding remains. It now appears as little more than a hillock of stone
Wadi hitan This public park is now regularly visited by tourist groups, and a small camp site is present.
Bahr youssef runs through the city, its banks lined with houses. There are two bridges over the river: one of three arches, which carries the main street and bazaar, and one of two arches, over which is built Qaitbay mosque, that was a gift from his wife to honor the Mamluk Sultan in Fayoum.
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Diving sites  Deep south ,ocean pro and Aquarius there is a chance to swim beside dolphins ,(Dolphins house ), view sharks (Elphinstone)
Bedouin village Visitors having some desert activities, safari , riding horses & camels, watching bizarre rock formation in the desert, then having tea and dinner in the Bedouin village tents
Port gharib resort , the U shaped abu dabbab beach there you will  find all trip needs,market shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. There’s even a traditional bazaar.
Wadi El Gamal national park  The inland area is home to many animals, including the Dorcas gazelle and the Nubian Ibex ,The park is the site of prehistoric rock art, as well as Ptolemaic and Roman ruins, and the mountain Mons Smaragdus is the site of small mining communities that date back to ancient Egypt.
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