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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Abdeen palace , by, Egyptian , Italian , French , Turkish, architect

Abdeen palace was built in 1863 on 25 feddan by Egyptian , Italian , French , Turkish architects , in 1872 the lush and luxurious palace became the seat of the government
Khedive Ismail ordered the palace be built in1863 , and the place was named after abdeen bay , one of the army commander under mohamed ali pasha ,in 1872 ,khedive ismail moved to abdeen palace , instead of the castle of Saladin the old seat of Egypt government  , and today the abdeen palace museum stands as an evidence to Egypt active rules over times
In 1863 khedive Ismail pasha began constructing abden palace as a symbol of Egypt strength , it was residence until the end of the monarchy in 1952 and is still used by president for official events
In1936 king Ahmed fouad I made part of the palace into museum to house some of the objects in his collection subsequent rules have enriched the collection , which now divided into five museums :
·         The museum of arms
·         The presidential gifts museum
·         The documents museum opened ,2005
·         The decorations and medal hall
·         The royal silverware museum
King farouq I ,(1937-1952) who added a lot of possessions , especially the weapons , for which he annexed a special library
The palace located in the old Cairo district of abdeen , the upper floors that have been used for the former living quarters of the royal family are reserved for visiting foreign dignitaries, the lower floors contain the five museums that the palace made .

Entrance price per person

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Open time

9:00 Am

Closed time

3:00 PM

Time to visit

All seasons

How to drive to abdeen palace

To get there by car from eltahrir square
Via tahrir and elshiekh rehan
Take Talaat Harb to Hoda Shaarawy in Bab Al Louq
Turn right onto Hoda Shaarawy
Take El Tahrir to El-Gomhoreya Square in Rahbet Abdin
Turn left onto El-Gomhoreya Square

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