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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Amazing vacation places in cairo

Al Azhar Park:
Al Azhar park is one of the world’s largest public spaces , which was offered to Cairo by Aga khan , the park has a very important touristic attraction , being situated in the center of Islamic Cairo , the park welcomed its visitors with a special playing area for children, sports fields ,shadowy alleys , a museum ,amphitheater , coffee shops placed on the like shores and an amazing restaurants on the top of the hill ,lakeside café appears to float , water flows through the interior cooling ,the tree-filled courtyards , there is another takhta sitting area for visitors , who can look out across the lake to sweeping panoramic views of historical district of Islamic Cairo (Darb al ahmar with their wealth of mosques , a long line of minarets , Sultan Hassan mosque , Ayyubid citadel , Ayyubid wall , City of dead )the park compress version of historical time into a packaged environment  , as you will enjoy water fountains ,pools, and carefully confined water channels used  also for irrigation system uses raw water from the Nile

Khan al khalili
Architectural draw, with monumental gates that resemble the commercial complexes of the Ottoman Empire. Fine shopping to be found there the perfume market is awash with countless mixing scents of essential oils. Deeper into the market there are gold vendors and antiques shops full of interesting pieces. There are fabric shops and carpet vendors and sellers of just about anything you might desire..
There are several coffeshops, restaurants, and street food distributed throughout the market. The coffee shops are generally small and quite traditional, serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha ( al feshawy coffee shop decorated with large mirrors and old furniture is the oldest & most known coffeshop there  , Al-Hussein Mosque, and Al-Azhar University and its mosque are nearby

Sufi show
The show takes place at the Wikalat al Ghuri, a 16th century market place built by the Sultan Qunsuwah Al Ghouri Located on the south side of the pedestrian bridge that crosses Sharia Al Azhar. The domed roof and four floors of stunning Islamic architecture host the performers and their packed out crowds twice a week each Wednesday and Saturday evening.

Cairo tower
Designed by Egyptian architect, Naoun Chebib, the tower was built using granite, between the years 1954 to 1961, it is located at the edge of elzamalek island , Granite is also the same material used by ancient Egyptians which is symbolic in its own way as is its unique structure and fantastical form.  This 187 meter tall tower, in the form of a latticework tube that fans out slightly at the top, it is even possible to see the Pyramids from on a clear day. To better facilitate the view, there are also telescopes. That lotus plant-like structure that we see when we look up into the sky is of no accident; it is in fact symbolic to the ancient Egyptians as this was the very plant used to make papyrus. At the top of the tower there is restaurant contain 15 tables and offer a big variety of dishes , also a fine café .  
Bab zuweila
The second wall that surrounds the capital of Egypt was a risen in 1092 when bab zuweila become the southern gate of this wall the gate name is inspired from zuwayla _ one of the guards of the gate , the gate starting with the 15th century  , mosque with two minarets added between 1415 and1420 were integrated in the gate both appear in numerous oriental paintings of 19th ,20th century , over the years bab zuweila evolved into an important place for celebrations ,commerce ,justice ,religious , procession

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