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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Banks offer mobile wallet service

NBE (phone cash)                                                     

Phone Cash service allows the customer to use his/her mobile phone to:

Deposit/withdraw cash through +20,000 Fawry outlets nation-wide as well as NBE branches.
Transfer money to mobile phone accounts in local currency only around the clock from anywhere and at any time in a matter of seconds and in the securest way.
Inquire about wallet balance.
Transaction log for the last 150 transaction.
Buy consumer goods.

Key Advantages Of Phone Cash
Compatible with all mobile service providers; Vodafone, Mobinil and Etisalat.
Ease of paying bills of (land/mobile phones, recharging prepaid phones, making donations, reserving airline tickets, paying traffic fees, paying club membership fees, as well as making use of the extensive range of services offered by Fawry).
Convenience of linking two of NBE cards, e.g. (MasterCard and Visa Card) payroll card, credit card, direct debit card or prepaid card, with the mobile wallet to recharge the balance of the e-wallets directly via their mobile phones.
Ease of using a mobile application.
Fees (in EGP)
Registration _Free for a limited time
Annual fees _Free for a limited time
Monthly fees _N/A
Cash deposit _Free
Recharge from an NBE card  _Free
Cash withdrawal _2% (min. EGP 2)
ATM cash withdrawal _1% (min. EGP 2)
Transfer to a customer _1% (min. EGP 2)
Fawry             services               (bill           payment,                mobile recharge, ticket reservation…etc.) _As per ATM set tariffs
Purchases _Free
Due to the rate of USD to EGP in the date & the time

CIB wallet                                                                          

Enjoy a new payment experience that is easy to use, safe, fast and smarter, making it easy for you to pay daily.

CIB offers you a new service that enables you to:
Create an account (wallet) on your mobile phone
Deposit funds in the portfolio
Pay all bills, charge your mobile phone and pay the ticket
Transfer money from Wallet to another Wallet.
Withdraw money from the portfolio from any CIB ATM or Smart Wallet service retailers.
Payment of the goods value from any dealer who has the logo of MasterCard Mobile Egypt.
Issue your Internet card with any amount you specify for use to purchase online.

SAIB bank  (cashati)                                                     

Cashati is a smarter way to pay daily. Never before were easy and smarter daily payments, through Cashati you can enjoy the following:
Create a wallet account on your mobile phone in an easier and faster way.
Wide network of government and non-governmental payments.
Easily transfer funds from the portfolio to another portfolio within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Payment of the goods value from any dealer who has the logo of MasterCard Mobile Egypt.
Depositing and withdrawing money through our branches, ATMs or authorized agents at the bank bearing the MasterCard Mobile Egypt logo.
Create a virtual purchase card securely online (expires after 24 hours) with the requested amount only.
It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check converter

Alex bank (ma7fazty)                                     

Ma7fazty combines all your daily financial transactions into one application on your mobile.
Simple steps ... Ma7fazty will provide you with an effective way to simplify your financial transactions in a safe and easy way.
Receive and pay your utility bills, mobile bill and internet subscription as you are not liable to be charged on your purchases, deposited or withdrawn from any branch of the Bank of Alexandria or by fawry
You do not need a bank account to send & receive money

BM wallet                                                        

With one click of your mobile phone, you can now transfer money to your friends, family or other Bank of Egypt portfolio, and you can make withdrawals and pay bills. The safest and easiest way to transfer and receive money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly from your mobile phone anywhere in Egypt.
All you need is a mobile number and without the need to have bank accounts or cards to become a user of the Bank of Egypt portfolio

Start today in three simple steps:
1. Download the free BM Wallet portfolio
2. Register the wallet account at the nearest branch of Banque Misr
3. Ship the wallet

BM Wallet offers you the following services:
1. Transfer funds from portfolio to portfolio within the Arab Republic of Egypt
2. Paying bills for mobile and ADSL and utilities
3. Mobile charging
4. Buy products and pay the wallet
5. Receiving remittances from abroad at the expense of the portfolio
6. Buy virtual cards - which can be used to purchase one from an online site
7. Withdrawals and deposits through merchants' network or through ATM machines
8. Balance inquiry and disclosure of previous transactions
9. Possibility to save preferred services such as bills, transfers to relatives and friends, traders
10. Wallet Shipping - By linking BankMuscat's prepaid, debit or credit cards

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