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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Basic resources investments in egyptian stock market

Basic resources are the most essential sectors in any economy , industries in Egypt continuing to concentrate on its exporting by increasing productivity continuously to cover domestic & international needs , the following are the important companies & factories that affect the economy in Egypt as they are the main producers & the investors for Egypt economy.

  • Egyptian iron & steel (IRON_r1)

Egyptian Iron and Steel (known as: Egyptian Iron & Steel) is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since November 1958.Under the holding company are three well-established companies, Industrial Investment Company (IIC) for Steel Plants Management, National Port Said Steel (NPSS) and Egyptian Steel for Building Materials Trading operating four primary factories.
  • Ezz steel (ESRS)

 Ezz Steel Co SAE (known as: Ezz Steel) is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since May 1999. The company was established in1994 Al ezz steel is the leading steel producer in the middle east ,with a growing presence in markets around the world , the company's services has strengthened its reputation as a trusted supplier to customers from USA & Canada to Europe & china

  • Arab Aluminium (ALUM)

Arab Aluminum Co. (S.A.E) was established in 1976. listed on Egyptian Exchange since September 1982.The company specializes in extruding aluminum profiles for different applications, e.g. architectural, industrial, and according to international standards, with a capacity of 15,000 tpy. The facility comprises of a cast house, three SMS has en clever presses, an anodizing plant including electro-coloring, a paint line and die manufacturing plant.
AAC started exporting in 1979, to markets in France, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, as well as Arab and African countries.

  • Al ezz dekheila steel (IRAX)

Al Ezz Dekheila Steel - Alexandria (known as: Al Ezz Dekheila Steel) is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange since September 1995. Alexandria S.A.E. produces and sells long and flat steel products for various applications worldwide. The company also offers steel re bars and wire rods. Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Company - Alexandria S.A.E. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Rakta (RAKT)

Rakta Paper Manufacturing (known as: Rakta) is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange since November 1994.production and distribution of printing and wring papers, and multi-layered duplexes carton papers. The Company’s products include White Paper, Kraft Paper, Fluting and Special Fluting Paper, Test Liner Paper, Super Kraft Liner Paper, Duplex and Bristol, and Manila paper. Its products are primarily made of rice straws and sugar pulps. The Company based in Alexandria, Egypt and was established in January 1958.

  • Ataqa (ATQA)

Misr National Steel SAE (known as: Ataqa) is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since May 2006.Misr National Steel - Ataqa offers iron and steel products. It provides re bars in various dimensions , works in metal & mining , The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Giza, Egypt. Misr National Steel – Ataqa is a subsidiary of Al Wehda Industrial Development.

  • Egypt aluminium (EGAL)

Egypt Aluminum is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange since July 1997. It operates within the materials sector focusing on aluminum. It has 2 subsidiaries operating across Egypt, working on materials and aluminum. Egypt Aluminum is based in Qena, Egypt and was established in July 1976. Egypt-alum is the largest aluminium producer in Egypt and one of the largest in Africa having a total annual production of around 320,000 tonnes. The company is supplied with the electric energy it needs from the Aswan High Dam.

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