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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cave church in cairo

Saint Simon was built in 1975 and is one of seven religious buildings that are built on the mountain mokattam , in the area known as the zabaleen village , as a large number of people who lived there work in garbage collecting . colorful , carvins and sculptures by a polish artist named Mario , who has voluntarily dedicated his life to this moastry , the moastry is not very famous , it derived its name from saint simon the tanner who lived during al muizz li din ellah who was fatimid calipha , it discovered inside el mokattam mountain which moved as a miracle from the god and the intercession of virgin Mary helped st. Simon the tanner and the shoe maker , st. Simon was never found afterwards . his skeleton was discovered in 1991 in Babylon in st. Mary church (the hanging church), and were transfer to his church 1992.
The virgin Mary and st. Simon cathedral was constructed on 2 stages
The first stage was only a huge cave of limestone in the bosom of the hill , the audience were seated on straw rugs around the alter which was prepared in 1986
The second stage was in November 1994 which falls on the feast of st. Simon, the church reconstructed and the ground was deepened once more ,fixed seats were constructed around the alter in the form of a quarter-circle auditorium to accommodate up to five thousand people and thus it became the biggest church in Egypt
Around you as you make your way through the main gate , archaic ,handcrafted caves laden with paintings rugs and ancient furniture lead you to an amphitheater that can seat 10000 and a library with books that date back to the third century ,seven church reside within the walls of this meastructure , along with a fully equipped cafeteria and rooms that can be rented by visitors and travelers
The monastry also includes an educational center , an area for children , as well as a shool for the deaf ,the grandeur of the churches hidden within the heart of mokattam hills

How to drive to cave church (st.simon church)

To get there by car from el tahrir square
Follow Talaat Harb to Kasr Al Nile
Turn right onto Kasr Al Nile
Take Kobri Al Azhar, Gohar Al Kaed and Salah Salem St to Al-Mokattam St in Al Abageyah
Continue on Al-Mokattam St to your destination

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