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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Coffee Lake six-core will be everywhere: i7 i i5, desktops, laptops 6 core for mainstream

Earlier it was clear that the Coffee Lake processors are expected to be officially launched in August ,The most powerful chips will probably be the first to market.Intel's Gregory Bryant making a brief nod to the new lineup before diving into his X-series expose.

"We've made great progress on getting this product ready for market later on this year," he explained, "and in fact we expect to see the 8th generation Core in laptops and in desktops by the holidays season this year"he added "Now I'm happy to report the 8th generation is going to deliver more than double that. That's right, more than 30% performance improvement generation over generation."

It is expected that , the customer will choose a platform for a powerful six- or eight-core processor not only to choose between Ryzen 7 and Skylake-X, but Ryzen 7, The sixth generation "Skylake-X the seventh generation "Kaby Lake" and eighth generation "Coffee Lake". Intel will not only gain the predominance in the range of products that the customer decides,In order to compete with the Ryzen series of rival AMD excellent in cost performance, Intel seems to have lifted the conventional 4 core limit.

The graphics function for the main stream are generations that are not much changed as the basic structure of the microarchitecture, but Coffee Lake says that it will eventually bring about a major change that the top model will be 6 cores.Intel dubbed Coffee Lake’s performance 15% greater than that of Kaby Lake, the company has since gone on to say that its 8th-gen processors are more than 30% more powerful than those which preceded it.

According to CPC Hardware leaked SKU are the following four. "Core i 7-8700 K" of 6 cores / 12 threads with a base frequency of 3.7 GHz, 6 core / 12 threads "Core i 7 - 8700" with a base frequency of 3.2 GHz as a model with "K" "Core i5-8600K" and "Core i5-8400" are also available as 6 core / 6 thread CPUs without hyper threading function. As with the 4-core model up to the Kaby Lake generation, the TDP is expected to maintain thermal design power 95W.The chip has a third-level 12 MB cache.

XFastest specialists believe that although the new processor is LGA1151 socket corresponding to "Coffee Lake-S" CPU, all Coffee Lake processors will most likely run only the Intel 300 chipsets and will not be compatible with today's motherboards
But the most interesting is probably on the Coffee Lake-U range. The test platforms currently running show a Quad-Core CPU at 2.00 GHz and 6 MB cache, with Hyper Threading and a GT3e graphics chip (with eDRAM), all in a thermal envelope of 28W TDP 4-core/8-thread mobile CPUs.A notable evolution since Intel had until then offered no CPU type "U" with more than two cores, It was necessary to turn to the "H" range to find the Quad-Core, with a TDP of 45W TDP 6-core/12-thread.

It's probably going to be difficult for Intel to resist pricing the flagship six-core Coffee Lake CPUs higher than their current K-series chips, but I'm hopeful the increased competition from AMD will mean they can't push the prices of the Core i7 or i5 chips any higher than the current $350/$250 price point.

That's exciting for gamer because it means there will be a robust 14nm six-core part combining Intel's high-end single-threaded gaming performance with an extra two cores to give it decent multi-threaded chops too. If Intel can deliver cheaper pricing for a pair of K-series quad-core i7 and i5 CPUs, and if they can hold their nerve and release the six-core i5 at the same price as the 7600K then Intel are going to have some winning gaming processors on their hands.

Six core coming to mainstream platforms sounds great but there’s still a lot that needs to be done. AMD has six and eight core processors on their mainstream platform that perform great and do so at amazing prices. If Intel really wants to show their support for desktop mainstream users, then it may have to be a mix of great performance and competitive pricing .

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