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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Coptic museum cairo

The Coptic Museum’s grounds are a peaceful and tranquil place and its airy building is paved with mosaics and decorated with old mushrabiya screens. It houses an extensive collection of objects from the Christian era which linked the ancient Egyptian times to the Islamic conquest of the country. The artifacts on display illustrate a period of Egypt’s history which is often neglected and they show how the artistic development of the Copts was influenced by the pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Islamic cultures. The museum was renovated in the early 1980s with two new annexes, which with the original aisles, houses the collection of 16,000 artifacts, of which 1,200 real treasures are exhibited to the public. It owns 6,000 papyrus manuscripts of which the most important are the Psalms of David and the manuscripts of Nag Hammadi.
The old wing of the museum houses a collection of wood furnishings and inlaid doors.of special note is the sycamore wood sanctuary screen from the church of saint barbara
The panels are recognizable as having been crafted in the fatimid period during 11th or12th century , the collection housed in the new wing contain objects decorated with geomitric designs ,scrolls of acanthus and vine leaves and friezes inhabited by rabbits , pearocks , birds and rural activities , these styles and themes were passed from the Hellenistic and Coptic legency into the Islamic artistic vocabulary in Egypt
Old section established by ameka pasha Stone and portrait section
Ceiling portrait of Adam and eve section : a collection of stone capitals from the monestry of saint Jeremiahs , patriarchal throne made of bronze and copper from the 10 th century
Metal section : collection of silver and gold Coptic coins ,cross made of bronze , bronze dish , crosses from byzantine period , different keys from the 13th century
Wood section
Coptic writing section
Ivory section
Poetry and glass section
coth and textile section
Icons section
Besides the museum buildings , there are gardens and courtyards and the area is surrounded by old coptic churches , Hanging church , virgin Mary and the church of st. Sergio.

Open hours

9:00 AM

Price per person

It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check the converter

How to drive to coptic museum cairo

Get there by car from el tahrir square
Follow Cairo - Al Wosta, Al Saraya and Abdulaziz Al Saud to Mohammed Farid Wagdi in Al Manyal Take Al Sheikh Youssef Al Degwy to Al Manial
2 min (300 m)
Take Al Malik Al Saleh Tunnel/Salah Salem St andSidey Hassan Al Anwar to Mari Gerges in Al Kafour
8 min (1.9 km)
Turn right onto Mari Gerges
Destination will be on the left

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