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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Donald trump president got an F

  • After more than two months in office, America’s new president, Republican Donald Trump, got a grade of F from 1 in 3 voters, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll.By contrast, the same number graded predecessor Democrat Barack Obama’s performance a B as he approached his 100th day in office.

  • Critics have long noted that the Trumps’ and Kushner's’ wide web of business dealings are a clear source of conflicts of interest, potentially in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Given the nature of OpenGov business ,” participation in the summit provided the company with invaluable access - to senior administration officials who could recommend the firm , and to leaders of tech giants that might be interested in investing in the company” Dana M. Radcliffe, a professor of business ethics and public policy at Cornell’s Johnson College of Business, told HuffPost, spelling out why Jared Kushner’s actions are a problem.
  • While Trump has praised inhumane dictators Putin, El Sisi, Duterte, Erdogan, and of course he would be honored to meet with Kim Jong-un - he has offended our allies: Canada, Mexico, Australia, Scotland, Germany and South Korea.
    He wants to bring back coal jobs and factory jobs to the United States. Then we can wear masks like they do in China. He wants to rape our lands with more drilling, fracking and more fossil fuels. He does not care about our environment or our animals.
    Trump continued to recklessly roll back protections for workers, the environment, and health care.
    He accepts responsibility for nothing, and lies constantly and worst of all, is doing his best to destroy the environment in the interests of short-term profits for his buddies in the coal and oil industries

Trump low  grade (F )

  • Trump came into office as the least-prepared president in history and his first 100 days have demonstrated complete ineptitude.he has acted as the Divider-in-Chief and and the Liar-in-Chief. His consistent lying reveals his fragile ego and limited knowledge on almost every subject.
  • President Trump has earned a failing grade as a leader and as a manager.
  • He's too supportive of businesses and wealthy people and doesn't seem to care about the average or low income person.
  • Trump's attacks on National Monuments affect all people like me who live in areas primarily depending on tourism.
  • Killing net neutrality could be a nail in the coffin of free speech - the kind people, not corporations appreciate.
  • For all of his efforts, Trump gets an A+ when it comes to fighting back against the media. Conversely, his administration gets a big fat F for not going on offense.

Trump high grade ( A +)

  • Considering the Democrats desire to do nothing for the American people and only act as obstacles for anything that our President desires to do which will benefit Americans and not political lifers, President Trump deserves an A+ completely.
  • The president is intent on removing the barriers to business development in this country and restore incentives to those who want to succeed on their own without government dependence.
  • Mr. Trump is acting like a shrewd businessman and getting things moving in the right direction. Businesses are starting to hire and pay higher wages. The last position that I held had not had a raise in seven years.
  • If the standard was enriching himself, he'd get an A+
  • First of all, he hasn't done anything except repeat what's already been said! I'm sure his ideas work in his personal life, but not in politics!
  • He will get my vote, again, in 2020.
  • He has learned a lot about being POTUS in the last 100 days. He needs time and the cooperation of the Republican Party as well as the Democrats to make our country great again.

On the economy

  • He is the first president in four decades to refuse to divest his financial assets to avoid conflicts of interest and protect the integrity of the presidency.
  • He is the first president to use the presidency to personally enrich himself by owning a global business enterprise and by licensing his name for fees throughout the world.
  • President Trump's tax proposal was a bold opening bid. Based on their record so far I'm skeptical that Congress will pass any tax reform this year. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Just look at the tax plan. Reaganomics, trickle down, voodoo, supply side, whatever you wish to call it, it would only work if the tax rates were already too high.
  • Tax breaks are desperately needed in this country. This nation taxes our citizens out of their homes and businesses
  • Trump's tax plan to benefit the rich , once again reveals his true underlying values. Americans are as well at fault.
  • He's running the government more like a business. He is tough, but fair and honest as opposed to the liberals and the media.
  • Trump's tax cuts will dramatically raise my taxes, while cutting his
  • His tax 'plan' clearly serves himself and people like him, not working people. And I say that as a 1%er.
He has paid no attention to ethics and conflicts of interest problems on the part of his family and his presidential appointees that undermine the interests of the American people.

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