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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Egypt holidays and tourist attractions

There are many hotels deals which offer activities such as snorkeling, jet-skiing and paddle boating, diving.
You can also enjoy a nice round on the golf courses, or a relaxing afternoon of spa, or enjoying Nile cruise by felucca.
Having a great time in the theme parks, fitness centers, shisha bars, restaurants served fuul and falafel, hot drinks and coffee.
1-Sharm el sheikh which known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. Naama Bay, with a palm with a palm tree-lined promenade, is filled with bars and restaurants. Ras Muhammad National Park is a major diving destination, with marine life around the Shark and Yolanda reefs and the Thistlegorm wreck.
2-Marsa alam The U-shaped Abu Dabab Bay is known for its sea turtles and dugongs (sea cows). Kite-surf site El Naaba Lagoon is separated from the open sea by a coral reef. Wadi el-Gemal National Park, south of the town, encompasses desert, sea grass beds, reefs and islands.
3-Cairo is the capital of Egypt and there is an important place u has to spend your time in when you visit Egypt, Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamen artifacts. Nearby, Giza is the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC. In Gezira Island’s leafy Zamalek district, 187m Cairo Tower affords panoramic city views. Mosques like ibn tulun, elazhar and ali pasha mosques ,Citadel we can spend holiday in khan elkhalili, there are many shisha bars and restaurants served fuul and falafel, hot drinks and coffee.
4-Dahab, hurgada, Gouna, sahl hashish, marinate makadi, not so far from sharm el sheikh and not less beauty & sandy beaches, clear water, long marines in the middle of the beach a great view, coral reefs.
5-Alexandria is second city in Egypt The city has Greco-Roman landmarks, old-world cafes and sandy beaches. Its 15th-century seafront Qaitbay Citadel is now a museum.
6-Ain el sokhna Red Sea coast. Luxury, lovely beaches, fun water activities, and a proximity to the wonderful Eastern Desert make Ain Sukhna a great spot for your vacation.
7-Luxor & Aswan here we have a different type of interest  for your vacation as we are going to visit temples , mummies & historical ancient Egyptians places such as Karnak ,Philae and Tutankhamen mummy.

Vacation package
Good hotel deals or just cheap hotels in Egypt have to fit your vacation needs
Hotel deals & star rating
Places to visit in Egypt/activities
o   Best vacation dates in Egypt are in summer specially in October
·         As for the hotel prices in September , October and November are the cheapest days of the year
·         As for flights from Italy , UK ,Ukraine in October have the cheapest flight price of the year other places like Russia , emirates , Saudi Arabia , Germany …etc. Find the best deals in August ,September and October ,
·          As for transportation, from the vacation important needs transportation & coches renting which will better hired in October , November and December.
o   It is recommended that travelers use tours buses, trains or planes to get around the country. Egypt has more than ten international airports that host flights throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. While the majority of flights come into Cairo, it is also possible to fly direct to Luxor, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, and a few other destinations.

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