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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Imam Hussein mosque

El Hussein mosque of Cairo built in 1154 located between khan al khalili and el azhar mosque, the area surround the mosque is a historic place, a garden, and its neighborhoods were immortalized by the novelist of international reputation, Nagib Mahfouz, the mosque houses some items considered sacred by Muslims, such as the oldest complete manuscript of the Quran.
Hussein bin Ali was the grandson of Muhammad the prophet and an important figure in Sunni, he was the second shiaa imam, and his lifetime saw the events that led to the split between Sunna and shiaa  , He died in martyrdom and his body was disfigured in the battle of Karbala on the 10th muharram year 61 of hejri, the day name ashoura, his head was cut and transported with members of his family, to Damascus and finally in Cairo on Sunday 8th jumada of year 547 the head was buried for a year in the azzomorrode palace, then in the present al Hussein mosque located between khan al khalili and el azhar .
In 1279 h the khedive Ismail ordered the rebuilding of the mosque completed in 1290 h , a two storey building reserved for administration was added to the mosque and a library with an area of 144m built in the east side , about 30 big bronze windows covered with gold ,the mosque has two minarets one was built by Abu el kassemm bin Yahiya in 634h , the second marinate located at the back is characterized ottoman architecture, a new minbar was also made for the mosque out of Turkish walnut tree and decorated with shells and ivory , the dome of the mosque dates back to the middle of the 19th century.

How to drive to imam hussein mosque

You can get there by car from el tahrir square
Via kobri al azhar and gohar el kaed in 18 min.
Take El Tahrir, Mohammed Farid and Kobri Al Azharto Gohar Al Kaed in El-Gamaleya
Drive to Hasan El-Adawy

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