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Friday, August 4, 2017

Investing in crypto currency starter guide

Crypto is revolutionizing the financial services

With the increasing influence of block chain technology on businesses both within and beyond the technology industry, the most effective leaders of tomorrow will find that the future of currencies is optimistic mainly the block chain   
Cryptocurrency market : Coin market cap

Monitor the latest digital currency exchange rates and market capitalization
-The future of the world is revolutionized by crypto currencies
-There is no chance of charge-back fraud for merchants & the combination of your private key and -public key means your personal details are not held insecurely online in general.

-Ability to transfer Bitcoins, Litecoins or Dogecoins for almost free.

-Timing is also important, a cheque can take ages, a money transfer across borders too can take a long time too, but Bitcoin can generally be confirmed within ten minutes.

-Your crypto currency In your wallet is untouchable by Governments or banks as it is independent from central banks . payza is a great online wallet that lets you even transfer fiat money to crypto currency then to and from banks .

-Returning daily earnings for investor deposits regardless of the market conditions.The evolution of the block chain is described by the best investors in the world to be the single greatest investment opportunity that has ever occurred.
High risk merchant accounts are no longer a limitation to process sales online , simply perfect For merchant accounts & individuals selling online or trading or even huge corporate now are jumping in.

Companies & countries that have trouble starting even with payoneer, 2checkout, or paypal to accept payments or just even a regular merchant processors like a bank for any reason need to

Sigup to: Cryptopay-signup

while there are others that offer almost the same option AS Cryptopay stands out due to the fact that they will provide you even with a debit card which is a visa 99% accepted anywhere in the world , off course with online banking and even ios verion.

Accept payments world wide and get paid from anywhere anytime :

-Lower transaction fees. Per transaction fees for accepting Bitcoin are generally significantly lower
-Fraud prevention. Because people can pay businesses in Bitcoin without divulging personally identifiable information (names, billing addresses, etc.).

-No chargebacks. Bitcoin purchases are final, so there are no chargebacks and no returns.
The ability to get paid quickly. Having cash on hand is often critical to survival for small businesses.

-Ease of accepting international payments. No limitation on international transactions and no extra fees.
                               Here is the quickest best guide to start getting in the crypto investing right away

where to buy bitcoin  ? click on any of the company names below to buy bitcoin fast

Free Bitcoin faucets : giveaways

Free Litecoin faucets : 

  Moonliteco  Litecoinfaucet    

Free doge faucets :

                                       MORE FREE FAUCET A HUGE COLLECTION
Most of the above faucets offer a free wallet account at Coinpot then convert all coins you collect to dodge coin which will be approx. 50 doge coins at least to withdraw , now that you collected that money either invest them in cloud mining or in Eobot or move it to your safe Exodus wallet

Start earning bitcoin even free now from faucets & invest in cloud mining or trading or even bitcoin investments which are now available with at least a guaranteed 1 % ROI


Free cloud mining : Free mining power

Minergate : ( cpu+ gpu )

Download the software and let your cpu or gpu mine various altcoins Free + cloud mining option while you do your work

Eobot : ( visit the faucet -daily )

Exclusive faucet all altcoin EVEN FREE HASH POWER + bitcoin daily faucet + cloud mining free & paid options

Startminer :

Free earning Rate 0.00001000 BTC/min---Profit per day 0.0006 BTC


Sign up and get 100 Gh/s as a gift and start mining the desired coin ( multi altcoin option)


Invest and earn 4% daily free 100 ghs


Cost effective cloud mining : Rent mining power
Genisis-mining Sign up get A 3% DISCOUNT Hashing 24 Sign up get A 4 % discount
Hahflare Sign up get every now and then they have 10-20 % discounts depend on availability



BITCOIN TRADING : Trade bitcoin for FIAT currency on the spot

coinbase Trade exchange and a wallet

payza Trade exchange and a wallet 

Coinmama      Buy& trade bitcoin 

Cex               Buy & trade bitcoin

Paxful          Buy & trade bitcoin all types of payment options


 Earn money on the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Control finance       Minimum deposit $10     


Click on the picture to find all locations that offer A

( Bitcoin machine )

 Bitcoin atm near me

Who still densest believe how easy it is starting to mine and collecting digital currency ??,

Enthusiasts crypto experts please contribute and leave a comment .

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