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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Islamic art museum , Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Downtown Cairo, the wonder of Cairo’s Museum of Islamic Art lies in its intricacies and the detail of the pieces displayed in it , from the 7th century to 19th century ottoman empire , the museum was founded in 1881 , in 1903 the museum moved to its current building .
There are also maps showing how and when the Islamic empire came to be. General information is available in English and Arabic, but a more in depth understanding of the individual pieces is denied to most tourists, as the paragraphs detailing each artifact are only in Arabic.
The museum spreads from the time of the Omayyad Empire and trails right up to the modern day, with pieces from as recently as the 1970s.
The collection is varied and displays the very best of Islamic art in all its forms. Far from being your average art gallery, this collection features woodcarvings on mammoth mosque doors, inlaid marble fountains, gold-leaf religious texts, ceramics, jewelry and furniture.
Highlights include the beautifully preserved stain glass windows, which are vivid in their colors and motifs. Even a lunchbox and a pencil case are displayed, which pay homage to influence of Islamic Art on even mundane, domestic objects from the past.
There are also sections dedicated to medical and funerary displays, which are eerily fascinating and provide an interesting perspective on what art is, as well as an insight into the lives of the people during these times. Another surprising section is the collection of Persian-Chinese art from the Mamluk age, which gives a lesser-seen glimpse into a meeting of cultures.
The museum also has a small outdoor area, but it has not been fully made use of to display the collection, and in fact leads into a police station – which does not take kindly to being mistaken for an annex of the museum.

entrance price per person

30 EGP
It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check the converter

opens at

9:00 AM

closed at

4:00 PM

Time to visit

All seasons

How to drive to Islamic art museum

to get there by car from tahrir square 14 min.
Follow TalaatHarb to Kasr Al Nile
Turn right onto Kasr Al Nile
Continue on El-Gomhoreya. Take Sharif Al Kabir to Dar Al Koteb in Ghayt Al Adah
Turn left onto Dar Al Koteb
thedistination will be on the right
also you can get there on foot via sami el barodi  25 min.

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