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Sunday, August 13, 2017

United kingdom countries for offshore companies formation

kingdom and overseas territories of the kingdom offshore countries for offshore companies formation

1#-British Virgin Islands
2#-Isle of Man, Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom- between England and Ireland
3#-Guernsey ,Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
4#-Gibraltar, Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom-at the southern edge of Spain
5#-Anguilla- in the Caribbean
6#-Bermuda- in the North Atlantic Ocean
7#-Cayman Islands -western Caribbean Sea.

British virgin island

  • Located in the Eastern Caribbean, and only 96 Km East of Puerto Rico
  • When you purchase any of BVI offshore company formation products, you'll get free support from BVI lawyers to help answer your overseas company day-to-day management questions ,Minimum government fees USD$350
  • Minimum Annual Tax US$ 350 /Licence Fee
  • It takes one week  to set the company up
  • According to the statistics over 75,000 offshore companies incorporated in the BVI since 1984
  • They have well developed financial service industry and professional infrastructure
  • Easy access to North America and Europe
  • They have highly flexible and modern legislation

Isle of man , crown dependency of the united kingdom

  • Located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland
  • It takes two weeks to set the company up
  • Formation costs for Isle of Man companies are US$3927.60
  • The economic drivers of the Isle of Man are banking, manufacturing and tourism.
  • The offshore services, offshore banking services and offshore company formations services are also big earners for the tax haven Isle of Man.
  • Detailed Assessment of Observance of Standards and Codes - October 30, 2003

Guernsey ,crown dependency of the united kingdom

  • one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel near the French coast, and is a self-governing British Crown dependency
  • offshore companies were taxed a fix rate of US$ 654.60 per year
  • It takes 24 hours to set the company up.
  • Non-Resident Foreign Companies , will be charged with income tax at 20% only on income from Guernsey sources
  • Guernsey depends heavily on its tourism, manufacturing and financial services sector for continuance of its strong economy.
  • very comprehensive assortment of administrative services to Guernsey companies, including the provision of Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Mail Forwarding and Bank Account services.
  • Assessment of Observance of Standards and Codes - October 30, 2003

Gibraltar Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

  • Gibraltar is a very small, narrow peninsula, located at the southern edge of Spain
  • Minimum government fees US$2931.82
  • Gibraltar never generally describes their country as being a conventional offshore environment. Due to their relations with the EU
  • It takes 5 to 10 days to set the company up
  • Nominee service availability
  • Strong secure asset protection
  • Assessment of Financial Sector Supervision and Regulation including Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes on the following topics: Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, and Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism - May 21, 2007


  • Located in the Caribbean, a region renowned for its offshore financial services.
  • Anguilla has incorporated more than 25,000 companies, making the island a popular destination for offshore services
  • It takes one business day to set the company up
  • Minimum Annual Tax US$200 / License Fee
  • Ability to own sea vessels
  • Assessment of the Supervision and Regulation of the Financial Sector ,October 30, 2003


  • Bermuda consists of a group of over 150 small coral islands in the North Atlantic Ocean
  • It takes two to three weeks to set the company up
  • The Government fee is based on the assessable capital of the company. It is payable on incorporation and in January each year. Where incorporation takes place after 31 st August only half the fee is payable.

Assessable Capital (US$)
Fee (BD$)
12,001 - 120,000
120,001 -  1,200,000
1,200,001 - 12,000,000
12,000,001 - 100,000,000
100,000,001 - 500,000,000
500,000,001  Or more

  • offshore banking and a whole range of other offshore services.
  • The country enjoys economical stability unsurpassed by many of the world’s more developed countries.
  • Offshore company formation has been going on in the tax haven of Bermuda since 1981 making the jurisdiction one of the leaders in offshore in the Caribbean
  • Financial Sector Regulation and Supervision - January 30, 2005 ,Assessment of Observance of Standards and Codes - January 30, 2005

Cayman Islands

  • Located in the western Caribbean Sea.
  • It takes 3-4 weeks to set the company up
  • Renewable 5 year work/residency visas granted in 5 days
  • Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is a special economic zone and thriving offshore business hub
  • A direct flight away from Miami, New York, Toronto, and even London
  • CEC enables companies from across the globe to easily and cost-effectively set up and operate offshore with a genuine physical presence
  • more than 200 tech, internet, digital marketing, biotech, commodities, aviation and maritime companies have taken advantage of investment incentives that include zero taxes to physically set up an offshore presence with an office and staff in Cayman Enterprise City.
  • Assessment of Observance of Standards and Codes - March 11, 2005

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