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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Loveflutter ‘Blue’ is a dating app for verified Twitter users

Loveflutter says that the new 'Blue' feature, which resides with the Loveflutter app, is free for now, but there will be a monthly subscription fee that will be announced soon other benefits like a concierge service that offers “handpicked introductions and discreet dates”—confidentiality guaranteed,Loveflutter is calling Blue “the safest dating community ever.”

“For those of you in the public eye, privacy and authenticity in dating are a key concern. It’s why we’ve tapped into a ready-made community of like-minded singles,” the company said. “Swipe interesting people nearby in music, film, fashion, politics, media, sports, business, and more.” which includes nearly 200,000 verified accounts to choose from .

You can download Loveflutter for Android or iOS and sign in using your verified account. Verified users can upgrade to the premium version only after a 1,000 members are available to swipe in their particular city. The new version is currently available on San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo as of now, with more cities coming soon.

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