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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Marsalam beaches and diving sites

diving sites Deep south ,ocean pro and Aquarius there is a chance to swim beside dolphins , (Dolphins house ), view sharks (Elphinstone) , it has 1,253 species of marine life, more than double any other spot in the world. The coral is also more colorful than in other regions, as the Red Sea is five per cent more saline than average, and the salt protects the reef.
Bedouin village Visitors having some desert activities, safari, riding horses & camels, watching bizarre rock formation in the desert, then having tea and dinner in the Bedouin village tents
Port gharib resort, the U shaped Abu dabbab beach there you will find more resorts the three corners equinox beach , Abu nawas resort magic tulip resort , el Malikia resort , Hilton Nubian resort , Concorde moreen beach , oasis…etc., market shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. There’s even a traditional bazaar.
Wadi El Gamal national park The inland area is home to many animals, including the Dorcas gazelle and the Nubian Ibex ,The park is the site of prehistoric rock art, as well as Ptolemaic and Roman ruins, and the mountain Mons Smaragdus is the site of small mining communities that date back to ancient Egypt.

Time to visit :

summer season

How to drive to marsa alam

To get there by car from marsa alam airport in 50min.
Take Airport Rd to Al Qusair - Marsa Allam Rd/Route 65M
Follow Al Qusair - Marsa Allam Rd/Route 65M to Marsa Alam
Drive to your destination

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