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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

middle eastern countries join the block-chain technology

This is not financial advice :

If you invest as little as $100 by the end of the year your bitcoins can be worth it ,this type of investment that no other market offer ,as many from the people who became a millionaires had invested in them early. it's not too late to begin but it's also not early , if you didn't buy bitcoin yet , i think it`s a good time to start .

The block-chain is a decentralized electronic ledger with duplicate copies on thousands of computers around the world. It cannot be altered retrospectively ,they are not authorized or supervised by the authorities, With the absence of legal and loss protection, any dealings with them still carry, as investor you have to do you own research in order to understand the market.

Abu dhabi is pleased to be the first in the MENA to introduce real time cross border payments on Block-chain technology Ripple’s Distributed Financial Technology fits within NBAD’s existing infrastructure and offers a secure end-to-end payment flow providing transaction immutability and payment integrity. Integrated to the NBAD’s innovative payments infrastructure ,earlier in February 2017. How many other banks do you think will probably follow ?

The Commercial Bank of Qatar has announced the completion of testing on a block-chain prototype designed for international remittances ,the project saw the Commercial Bank partner with several of its subsidiaries and associated banks in conducting transactions over the April ,Qatar revealed work with banks in the UAE, Oman and Turkey.

Bahrain could become one of the earliest nations in the world to incorporate block-chain technology on a national scale Bank ABC marks its presence in the region with its membership. Any introduction of block-chain based financial services by Bank ABC could ultimately see the innovative decentralized technology put to use by a retail bank with services in a number of countries including Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Bahrain.

Egypt central bank can tax the investment and trade activities generated by those funds, but cannot do the same with bitcoin , so , any investment in the Egyptian market will be free of taxes , the bitcoin have a high value , when you start change your money into bitcoin , so , you start to keep it's value or on the way up .

Abu dhabi & Qatar , Having been a part of the Bitcoin and Block-chain universe for few years, I'm truly excited about what these technologies are going to do in the coming there is much investments in the Egyptian market that came from countries traded with bitcoin , also , Bahrain becoming major players in Block-chain.
Are you interested in bitcoin ? do you think Egypt & Arab countries will join the block-chain technology ? Let us know in the comments section below

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