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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mobile service companies payment gateway

Vodafone cash                 

Vodafone Cash is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to follow and receive money at anytime and anywhere in Egypt.& Donates to charities.
This service is provided in cooperation with Commercial International Bank (CIB).


Deloitte can withdraw and deposit money in your Vodafone Cash account via CIB ATM machines. It is estimated that the nearest ATM machine is known by calling code # 9 * 9 *
All CIB machines can be withdrawn from your Vodafone Cash account.
Free deposit and withdrawal at the same normal cost 2% with a minimum of 3 pounds
While Draw Before moving to the machine, extract the temporary PIN from the application "I am Vodafone" or code # 22 * 9 *

With Vodafone Cash you can charge your balance and ship to a minimum of 2 pounds and a maximum of 200 pounds per time.It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check converter
You can pay the special invoice pick up and bills of numbers with a minimum of 5 pounds and a maximum of 1000 pounds at a time.
There is no charge for shipping or invoicing

Orange Money           

A service provided by Orange in cooperation with Emirates NBD will help you send and receive money immediately.

Sign up for Orange Money for free and start depositing, transferring and withdrawing, as well as automatic transfers and donations through any branch of Orange. You can pay your mobile bills and recharge your balance to yourself or anyone else.

You can convert to an Orange number that is not subscribed to Orange Money
Transfer fee: EGP 1 for each transfer, whatever the amount
Fees for withdrawal of funds: 2% of the amount transferred with a minimum of 3 pounds
It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check converter

Orange Money List
When you create an Orange Money list you will be able to make conversions easily by selecting the addressee without having to save or remember the numbers
You can add up to 10 names to your Orange Money list
Etisalat flous                       
Accessible 24/7 directly from your mobile Make transfers quickly and securely - no need to carry cash
Enter only your PIN number when you want to carry out a transaction Use any mobile to access the service
Make your online purchases using VCN for purchases offered by MasterCard – the card is only for one-time use and is only valid for 24 hours from the issuance date for EGP 10 Request a VCN and you will receive an SMS containing card numbers and card info
Cash-in money into your mobile wallet to be able to make the online payments

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