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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Money transfer agents

An international money transfer allows you to send money to a recipient overseas. Generally, a transfer involves you providing funds to a bank or an independent money transfer provider, which then sends the money to your recipient in another country — in this case, Egypt.
Transfers can be initiated in person, over the phone, through a mobile app or online. You can use cash, pay with a credit or debit card, or transfer funds from your bank account, which is then either deposited into your recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet or made available as a cash pickup from an agent location in their country.

Money transfer agents fees of egypt :
As you want to transfer $1000 from us to egypt due to the rate of USD to EGP at the date & time
MoneyGram              (slow)by USD $25+ $0_ $25 in 3-5 days
MoneyGram               (fast)by USD $81+ $0_ $81in Minutes
Western Union          (slow)by EGP $25+ $0.4_ $25.4 in 6-8 days
Western Union          (fast)by EGP $40 +$0.4 _$40.4 in 3-5 days
Ria Money Transfer (slow)by EGP $5 +$15 _$20  in 3-5 days
Ria Money Transfer   (fast)byEGP $15+ $15_ $30 in Minutes

MoneyGram is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world.The company operates in more than 200 countries with a global network of about 347,000 agent offices.
Moneygram offers convenient money transfer options:
  • Send money online
  • Send money in person
  • Transfer money to bank account
  • Transfer money to mobile wallet
  • Pay billls by money gram
  • Send money to an inmate

You can either pay with your credit1 or debit card, or directly from your bank account.
Inside Branches United Bank In all governorates -19200
Inside Banque du Caire In all governorates/ Reception Only -16990

Send and receive remittances are made by ID card For Egyptians and passports for non-Egyptians , Receive money from any country - Send money to any country
Western union

Western Union has several divisions, with products such as
person-to-person money transfer
money orders
mobile money-transfer service
business payments and commercial services.
They offered standard "Cablegrams", as well as more cheerful products such as Candygrams, Dollygrams, and Melodygrams.
Websites allows users to send and receive funds to others, pay bills, or purchase gift cards.

Western Union, as an industrialized monopoly, dominated the telegraph industry in the late 19th century. It was the first communications empire and set a pattern for American-style communications businesses as they are known today.

Fees vary depending on how much you’re transferring, how you’re sending it and where you’re sending it to. Fees start at $5 but can soar to up to $45 when paying by credit or debit card for cash pickup in certain countries

Banks offer money transfer via western union are Alexbank in all branches & AAIB in all branches
RIA money transfer

RIA Financial Services is the world’s third-largest global money transfer company. Founded in 1987 in New York City with the goal of serving the Eastern Seaboard, the company now serves 134 countries. In 2007 RIA was acquired by Euronet Worldwide, which is headquartered in Lea-wood, Kansas, USA.
Sending money transfers through Ria and our global network of 287,000+ locations in 147+ countries, is fast, safe and secure. guarantee that your family, friends and business partners will receive their funds in a timely manner with excellent customer service at all of our agent location
Since opening their first storefront in 1987, they have grown into the third largest money transfer service. And they are not stopping there. In addition to money transfer services, Ria Money Transfer also offers bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing and money orders.
Locations in egypt

-Meezan Bank Limited
C-38- D 26 Tauheed Commercial St
-Ahram Branch ( El Korba )
20 Ibrahim St off El-Ahram St Heliopolis
-Heliopolis Branch
38 Abu Bakr El Seddik St Cairo
(202) 22419148-2341900
-Ramses Branch
35 Ramses st Abdel Moniem Ryadh square
25741417-2 5795411 2 5751105
-Maadi Branch
27 St 10 - Station Square Maadi Cairo
-Maarouf Branch Islamic Transactions
41 Champlion st Cariro 8 Abdel Khalek Tharwat
-Garden City Branch
106 Kasr El Elini St Garden City
-New Maadi Branch
1 2 Al Laselky St Maadi Cairo
27550858 9- 27550860 1- 2


  1. Money transfer generally refers to one of the following cashless modes of payment or payment systems. When you want to move funds quickly and reliably, money transfer service helps you. Send money to Asia


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