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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Never too late to buy bitcoin

Cryptocurrency market never sleeps’. It’s 24/7, it’s global, it doesn’t have a stock market, it doesn’t have a bell.I am highly optimistic in the future of BTC because they increase in value over time and become extra valuable if the economy you are in collapses. one Bitcoin price is valued above US$4,000 now, No one should ignore an investment opportunity based on sentiments. Believing in Bitcoin is not required to reap the rewards of what this cryptocurrency has to offer. Recent surge in bitcoin price resulted from strong investor demand from Japan as also some safe haven buying . it `s never too late to invest in bitcoin

Owners for Bitcoin and other coins will have to pay capital gains just as they would with stocks. Some crypto enthusiasts fear that this regulation will be a damper on the community, but I think the opposite is true. By regulating crypto, the SEC is further legitimizing it, helping to ensure its long term future. After this move  cryptocurrencies exchange considered , technically, an investment and not a speculation

Bitcoin market have sprung up:

Investors are beginning to take Bitcoin trading more seriously. In 2011, Bitcoin market was virtually unknown. Now, it regularly appears in the mainstream news. Kiosks devoted to trading Bitcoins have sprung up. Increasingly, digital currency is being used for everyday transactions, international trade and as investment vehicles.The utility of Block-chain technology is endless, with an ever-growing market do you think most of governments, industries and companies are looking to further explore its usage.

New cryptocurrency:

Newer cryptocurrency like NEO and Golem barely have a technological basis for their value, but are being developed at an incredible pace. This makes their price low and their potential upside great (though risky). Not all of the hundreds of coins on the market are worth your money. Not all of them will succeed. But some will, they’ll make smart investors rich in the process.There are more than 800 lower-value and often creatively named cryptocurrencies ,You can begin with lower value crypto coin as a stored value asset.

Bitcoin value:

The journey of adoption from gold paper money was long and hard as well. For much of the rest of the world, beyond the U.S., the benefit for Bitcoin users is you don’t need a bank account and the trust of government. Bitcoin offers alternatives that banks can’t. Currencies are not the only form of stored value.  People buy gold and lock it in a safe because they believe the demand for gold will rise, increasing its value, and thus the gold is stored value.  Some people buy real estate not just to live on, but because they think the demand for that real estate will grow, and thus the real estate is stored value.

If we have extra money and want the value to grow we invest that money in assets that have an underlying value, like real estate or machinery or companies that put assets to work making things people want.  We expect our investment to grow because the assets yield a return , in the long term, how deeply cryptocurrencies will penetrate people’s lives is still anyone doubt !

This is not financial advice this article for informational purpose Neither USDTOEGP-NEWS nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains , and you should read more , and Educate yourself on the risks associated with cryptocurrencies exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.

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