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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Salah el din el Ayobi Citadel and the military museum

Salah el din el Ayobi Citadel
The citadel was built by salah eldin el ayouby , he decided that cairo should have a fortified citadel to protect the city aginst attacks that`s why the citadel featured with it`s strategic location over mokattam hills placed on the highest point in egypt overlooking the two cities that were alive at the time ,fustat cairo , Salah el din dig a water well inside the citadel to be used by soldiers if the citadel goes under siege

Military museum

Military museum demonstrates the history of the egyptian army throughout different periods of time displayed in four sections

Open air area section hosts the famous statue of ibrahim basha , some status of the king & rules of egypt during pharaonic era like ramses II and king menes , the unifier of southern & northern egypt ,opposite to this status ,there are other status of more modern rules of egypt like salah el din, alzaher bieber's ,mohamed ali ,and khedive ismail
The first floor section displays the the ayyubid period , the mamluk period ,and the ottoman era ,and portraits for the victory of egypt 1973, a large gallery display some golden medal that date back to the pharaonic period tuthmosis III to amun hotep
The second floor of the museum illustrates the history of the Egyptian military during the Pharaonic and Greco Roman periods. This section displays some scenes from the battles in ancient Egypt with some battles from the reign of Tuthmosis III and Ramses II.
The third floor section displayed the period of the great victories of saif eldin qutuz in ein jalut ,hitin, besides ,Military medals, drawings , paintings of the members of the royal family , portrait ,weapons & tools used to defend salah eldeen , Among the most wonderful displays of this section is a wonderful replica of one of the swords of Prophet Mohammed and the personal pistol of Mohamed Ali.

The citadel always remain important , visiting the mosque of mohamed ali , the military museum illustrate the battles and wars of the egyptian military, and watching cairo from above are among the most interesting activities to be done in the citadel

Price per person

60 egp
It will be a good deal from USD to EGP , check the converter

Open time

9:00 AM

Closed time

4 PM

Time to visit

All seasons

How to drive to salah el din al ayouby citadel

You can get there by car from el tahrir square
Via salah salem
Take Talaat Harb to Kasr Al Nile
Turn right onto Kasr Al Nile
Take Kobri Al Azhar to Salah Salem St in Al Abageyah

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